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Top Non-Technical Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Set of Tyres

A recent market study by TyreSafe concluded that around 48 million tyres are sold in the UK every year. There are approximately 300 brands that are currently operating in the market. However, the lion's share (over 50%) is shared by the top 5 brands- Bridgestone (15%), Michelin (14%), Goodyear (9%), Continental (7%) and Pirelli (5%).

As a consumer, the diversity of the tyre industry is a massive boon. It keeps the market open, and they get better tyres at competitive prices. However, the abundance of choices can, on occasions, become a source of inconvenience. Sometimes there are just too many options to choose from which leaves the consumers befuddled.

A significant reason for this confusion is the lack of clarity on what to look for in a set of new tyres. Here’s a comprehensive guide on buying the perfect set of Tyres Newark, or indeed, any other city in Britain.

  • Determine your necessity

Different motorists use their cars for different purposes. Some use it to drop their kids to school while others use it for drag racing. The same set of tyres won’t be adequate for both these purposes.

As such, you must carefully evaluate your driving habits. You’ll need a specific type of tyre if you’re mostly a city-driver, in which case a standard summer or all-season tyre should suffice, as opposed to an off-roader, which probably requires a set of 4x4 performance tyres.

  • Fix a budget

Tyres in Newark are available in all price brackets, ranging from £50 to £500 and beyond. It goes without saying that the performance and longevity of tyres increase with its price. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune of a new set of tyres. For an average driver, there are plenty of marvellous options available in the 100-150 Pounds range.

  • Brands matter

Not every brand, out of the 300 odd currently in the market, is of equal stature. There is a reason why big brands dominate the market. They have ample resources to spend on Research and Development of their products, which allows them to produce tyres with better capabilities. Although the smaller brands are catching up fast, buying from an established brand is always a safe bet.

  • Look out for seasonal requirements

If your place of residence experiences moderate temperature throughout the year, you can safely operate with a set of all-season tyres. However, in areas with extreme weather variations, season-specific tyres are recommended. Summer and winter tyres perform marvellously during their respective seasons.

  • Consult professionals

There is no alternative for experience. Garages like Farnsfield Auto Centre, apart from storing tyres from various brands, also provides expert advice on which tyres would be the ideal set of tyres for you. They will scrutinise your driving practices and recommend a set to compliment you and your average driving conditions. They also perform all sorts of car repairs such as brake, suspension and exhaust repairs.

Purchasing tyres may seem like an arduous task, but if done correctly, you won’t have to worry about it again for several years. Choose carefully!

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